About Sweets Marie

sweets maireSweets Marie, was originally located in the international city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sweets Marie has moved back to her home country and is still offering a plethora of American homemade baked goods: bars, cakes, Cinnamon rolls, cookes, cupcakes, fudge, muffins, pies. All goods are homemade from scratch with the freshest ingredients for the best and richest tastes. Sweets Marie is run by Kristin, an American, who loves to bake, has been baking with her mother and grandmother since she was 5 years old and in 2009 after starting a family of her own decided to offer her baking skills professinally. Contact us with any questions or orders. We can accommodate a wide range in event size, from a special romantic dinner for two, to a wedding or company event.

Personal note -
I began my business as an American, country girl living in the international city of Amsterdam since 2005. I'm originally from the small town of Johnstown located in the mountainous southwestern part of Pennsylvania. I grew to enjoy the flat, bike-filled Holland and all its possibilities. I came to Europe as a newlywed with my loving Dutch-American husband in his pursuit of his medical degree. I was fresh out of college and still searching for direction. My life went in the direction of language student, nanny, house- plant- dog- cat- baby-sitter, part-time card maker, and teacher's assistant at two different international schools. It has been a wonderful journey leading me to the start of my own family. My first son was born in 2009 and with his birth came a stronger desire for home and family. For me, homecooking, especially baking, pull me closer to home and family. I can remember baking with my grandmothers and mom as early as 5 years old and the passion has not left my heart. My husband graduated from medical school in the spring of 2013 and our third son arrived. All of this has led me to continue my own baking business of sweet American-influenced desserts. It professionally began in Amsterdam, but will follow me in whatever location we end up. I want to bring a little bit of my home into yours. So if you have a sweet-tooth and long to see what all the fuss is about - place an order and try any/all of the items.